What We Need From You

  • We need your pool filled to normal operating level which is generally half way up the skimmer or tile. We need to know where the water is going not where it has been.

  • We swim and check all pools that do not have a broken pipe on the first visit so we need the water to be clear. Sometimes we are looking for a “needle in a haystack” so clarity is important so we can be efficient

  • We need access to your pool equipment and through any cage doors that enclose your pool. We do not need you to be present unless the pool is inside of your home.

  • We can offer a time frame the night before our first visit but those calls are made 4-9pm.

  • We need access into your gated community. Request should be made for the week as it will take a minimum of two visits to verify the minor leak repair is holding.

  • We need your payment within 30 days after the final statement. We attempt to make all of our repairs in a timely fashion and expect to be paid the same way. We accept Visa and MasterCard for your convenience.