Minor Repairs in Naples, FL

Although we do specialize on our leak detection and repair, we still have other minor repairs that we can also make for your pool and spa. Hunter Pools Inc. continues our guarantee of professional work even in these minor repair services.
Pool Side — Leak Detection Services in Naples, FL
Our other services include:
  • Pump, motor, and filter replacement and repairs
  • Handrail and ladder installation, replacement, and repairs
  • Light bulb and light fixture replacement
  • Auto fill installation
  • Minor tile repairs
  • Pool/ spa equipment moves and simplification
  • Skimmer replacement- quoted repair
  • Raising the bottom of the skimmer to prevent replacement
We do want to mention that some of the services we do not provide include automation, heaters, solar, most rock waterfalls, acid washes, or pool resurfacing. Our direct focus on the services we offer maintain our expert service provided to our customers time and time again.

The next time you notice a leak, or need a repair for your pool or spa, remember to call Hunter Pools Inc. in Naples, FL at 239-455-0088!