Leak Detection Services in Naples, FL

One of the main concerns with owning a pool or spa is that they will begin leaking. On average most pools lose 1"-2" of water per week. A simple rain/evaporation test can determine if you may have a leak. This test compares the evaporation of a bucket of water over 24 hours to the evaporation of your pool. If the bucket does not lose as much water as your pool does, then there is a leak that we need to get repaired. If you think there may be a leak in your pool or spa, don't wait, call right away to have your pool inspected. The cost of the lost water and chemicals will continuously add up over time so having your leak repaired sooner than later will save these resources as well as potential damage from the leak.

Here is our procedure for our leak detection services:

  • We will check your pool equipment for visible leaks.
  • Perform a set routine for diagnosis using a vacuum test checking all bodies of water from tile to main drains and everything in between.
  • We will make all minor repairs while swimming the bodies of water with an underwater epoxy.
  • We will leave your pool off overnight and set up an evaporation/rain test to verify the bodies are holding. We will return the following day planning for the bodies of water to hold but if not the procedure is repeated until it does. Many leaks are easy for us to find but be aware we will work tenaciously to find the difficult ones. We generally perform any plumbing repairs, check valve problems, or equipment repairs on the second visit.
  • We warranty all above ground repairs for 30 days because “leaks happen”. We do not warranty repairs on structural cracks or multiple tile leaks.

There are two types of pools, according to owner Chip, “One that is leaking and one that is going to leak”. Because of this we attempt to make our prices affordable. The average leak detection and repair generally runs from $200-350.

If there is a broken pipe diagnosed during your leak detection we will tell you which set of pipes has the break and call or e-mail you with an estimate for that repair based on time and materials.

Call us today to have your leak repaired by a reliable, and professional technician!

Major Repairs

Sometimes there are repairs that we do not handle during the initial leak detection procedure. These major leak repairs usually involve broken underground pipes. Fortunately, we have made over 8000 of these types of major repairs and can handle them efficiently and professionally.
Here are our steps to find a broken pipe:
  • First we must locate the break. We can use hydrophones, electronic listening equipment, to pin point the location if needed.
  • Second we will verify the location of the leak and break open the deck. The opening we make is generally 18″ and very often less.
  • Third we will excavate the hole and repair the pipe.
  • Fourth we will verify that that set of pipes is no longer leaking.
  • Finally we will back fill the hole, pour concrete and patch the deck or set pavers or tiles.
Family enjoying swimming pool — Leak Detection Services in Naples, FL
We will match the color and texture of the deck as closely as possible with our patches, but they will still be a patch. Pavers can be removed and set again, if there are tiles that are cemented and grouted you may need to find additional tiles.

These repairs are based on time and materials and there will be two men on the job. The average repair generally runs $400-1,200.00 but that is an average only. As the years have gone by pool construction and design have created challenging repairs that can require more time the “old standard pool”. All of these repairs are done with over 25 years of hands on experience, made with pride, and left looking nice and clean.

Our underground repairs are guaranteed for one year!